Why You Should Choose Spinebiz For All Your IT And Business Process Needs

Spinebiz is an IT service provider specializing in the development of effective knowledge processes that enable our clients to execute their growth strategies. Our clients may stand to achieve a major competitive edge by collaborating with us as we have a committed team of professionals working on their IT and business process needs. Spinebiz serves a wide range of businesses, including Visa Services, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, FMCG, Health Services, and Trading & Contracting, to name a few. Spinebiz is headquartered in Singapore with delivery centers in Chennai and Bangalore, Mumbai, and offices in the US, and the UK. Since being founded in 2013 Spinebiz has grown significantly over the years and has served clients across 178 locations in 74 countries over the world. 

We recognize that a company is nothing without the people who make it happen. We’re all about providing a comprehensive environment for our employees to develop and progress in their chosen paths. We also recognize that productivity cannot be limited to a set of hours, which is why we provide staff with the necessary work-hour flexibility.

Our talented and experienced staff have worked with an amazing list of international customers. We’ve helped our clients operate and scale with ease on everything from Visa processing to travel technology and health technology.

We’ve built services under our portfolio to assist businesses in planning and executing their projects. 

Application Development Services

The application development services provided by Spinebiz are intended for the creation of full-stack mobile and web applications, including eCommerce applications. Your data models, workflows, and business logic are transformed into seamless apps with flawless user interfaces by our team.

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Cloud Management Services

At Spinebiz, we provide cloud consultancy, migration, managed services, and architectural services, among other things. With these, you can rest assured that your company is prepared to serve tomorrow's most demanding customers.

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Infrastructure Management

We take responsibility for the data, information flows, and procedures within the organisation's IT infrastructure with our infrastructure services.
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Digital Transformation

Spinebiz's Digital Transformation solutions will help organizations discover strategy gaps and invest in the most powerful open technologies, as well as provide critical insights to help drive digital strategy.

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Customer Experience

Our team of professionals can assist you in aligning your ITSM and Service Desk responsibilities with your organization's objectives. We'll build up the process, get it operational, and keep it improving — design, deliver, manage, and improve.

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QA & Testing

Our QA and testing services at Spinebiz verify the performance of your product on a variety of devices and platforms across a variety of use scenarios to ensure that your customers have the greatest possible experience with your brand.

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Enterprise Mobility

Our enterprise mobility services enable you to use enterprise application development and related services to build apps and solutions that will significantly improve your business capabilities, including secure remote working across your organization.

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Digital Process Automation

Automate and optimize your business operations to achieve operational excellence. With our RPA services, you can automate repetitive procedures to improve efficiency, staff productivity, and customer satisfaction. Create intelligent, integrated apps that increase efficiency and turnaround time.

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xPO Process Outsourcing

Our services are designed to assist businesses to keep on top of business processes such as HR, legal, and finance operations without having to devote time and resources to them. You can be confident that experts are on top of your business operations and ready to give you the appropriate assistance when you work with us.

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Our innovative solutions proposes to solve real-time customer problems

Innovative Solution

Agile Service Delivery Platform

To construct and create business solutions for your needs, take advantage of a variety of platforms and solutions such as Agile service delivery platform, intelligent video analytics, DPA, low code platform, and IT asset management solutions.

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Digital Process Automation

Spinebiz’s Digital Process Automation (DPA) strategy assists you with adaptable and fluid business strategies that can quickly create new experiences that boost productivity.  streamlining your digital process automation in order to generate consumer-grade user experiences by combining automation and efficient digital capabilities.

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Low-Code / No-Code Platform

Our developers create enterprise-grade applications based on your specifications and for all types of difficult use cases. These applications can be implemented in the lowest amount of time and with the least amount of risk feasible. You may remove the bother of development while saving time and money by avoiding wasting time and money on a product that will not sell with the help of our MVP functionalities.

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IT Asset Management

Our system can also help you automate the disposal and decommissioning of both IT and non-IT items. With AI-powered asset inventory management and many asset scanning modes, you can make the most of your IT personnel.

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We’re a group of creatives who love to come up with new concepts and work with companies to drive business transformation through innovation. Get in touch with us to know more.

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