Agile Service Delivery Platform

Agile Delivery Service Platform is a flexible service delivery system.

The service development and delivery process is an agile process with 4 stages:

Stages in the process of creating and delivering a service

The service design and delivery process is a four-stage agile approach:

The discovery stage entails the team gaining a thorough understanding of the users and their needs, as well as proposing hypotheses to address the issues.

The team produces prototypes to test the hypotheses during the Alpha stage.

The team constructs and tests a solution based on the hypotheses verified in the Alpha stage. The team is changed to maintain and improve the service in the Beta stage.

The stages build on top of one another, but they don’t always happen in that order. A service may revert to a previous stage on occasion (for example, if a service in Beta needs to go back to Discovery to work on a different problem).

The double diamond and service design

Discover, define, develop, and deliver are the first three stages of the service design and delivery process, which are identical to the double diamond phases of discover, define, develop, and deliver:

In the first half of the Discovery stage, you conduct extensive user research in order to fully comprehend the problem (discover phase).

In the second half of the Discovery stage, you focus on the most significant pain areas in order to fully comprehend them and formulate hypotheses (define phase).

You test your theories using prototypes in the Alpha stage until you can identify a minimal viable product (develop phase).

In the Beta stage, you create the bare minimum of a product (deliver phase).

Contextually understand the entire Video stream scenes, objects and backgrounds. Iteratively and optimally build a structured database of information from unstructured video data. Empower business use-cases with granular search, omnichannel alerts and comprehensive reporting.



Face Mask Detection System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with AI – Computer Vision to detect people without masks or wearing the masks improperly


Use dynamic people tracking AI based algorithms to detect social distancing rules violations. Best suited for public / commercial gatherings.

Improve infrastructure planning by effectively counting the number of people availing the facility at a given time.Organise merchandise in aisles, optimise store layout, understand peak times and potentially even protect against theft.


Digital Process Automation

Today’s businesses must be resilient, to grow and expand, and they need to constantly innovate, and adapt to become ready for the future. In this effort, organizations are looking for adaptable and fluid business strategies that can quickly create new experiences that boost productivity. The Digital Process Automation (DPA) strategy at Spinebiz helps you streamline your digital process automation for bringing together automation and efficient digital capabilities to create consumer-grade user experiences.

Low Code/No-Code Platform

Our developers build robust enterprise-grade applications as per your requirement and for all complex use cases. These applications can be deployed in the shortest possible time and with zero risk. With the help of our MVP functionalities, you can eliminate the hassle of development while saving time and money by avoiding wasting time and money on a product that won’t sell. Don’t wait to find resources and build the software you need now with our flexible engagement models and MVP functionalities. Get our Application Development services on resources-based or time-based models to suit your business needs.

IT Asset Management Solution

Spinebiz gives complete information on the ownership of both IT and non-IT assets from the moment you purchase it. We follow the ITIL / IMAC recommendations, which are based on industry best practices. Our technology can also assist you in automating the process of disposing or decommissioning both IT and non-IT assets. Make the most of your IT team by maximising resource use with AI-powered asset inventory tracking and several asset scanning modes.

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