Mahesh Anchan

Director, TasHeel Holding Group

MD & CEO, Spinebiz

Mahesh Anchan is Managing Director & CEO of Spinebiz and is responsible for overall business expansion, improved global coverage, and overseeing international business operations.

He comes with 2 decades of experience in Building strategies for Business Development, Sales, Operations & Change management which has enabled various organizations to become trailblazers in various sectors across the globe.

His international experience spanning several countries has allowed him to identify key drivers of growth and develop business development strategies that work on a global scale.

Prior to Spinebiz, in his 25 years of experience, Mahesh has served in leadership roles in the various organization like VFSGLOBAL, VASCO, Intentia, A3TL, BPL AFX & DaRT

Mahesh is a graduate of the Bachelor of Engineering, University of Mumbai, India, with a specialization in Production, and an alumnus of EPBM in Business Management, IIM Kolkata. 

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